Joseph Lin is the founding President of Green Club on environmental education.

He is an interpreter, organizer, writer, commentator and publisher on environment, heritage and eco-tourism. He was also a co-host of a weekly Chinese TV programs.

2017, Regional Parks

He has received the Federal Environment Volunteer Award, The Land Conservancy BC Conservation Award, Vancouver Natural History Society Award for Nature Education & Conservation, Vancouver Parks Board Volunteer Award, and Richmond Mayor’s Environment Achievement Award.

Joseph Lin, a retired Pediatrician and family doctor, started off as an environmentalist in Taiwan from 1987~1993. He is the founding President of Green Club for environmental education. He is an well-known environment and eco-tourism columnist and an experienced eco-tour organizer and interpreter since 1993.

He has joined the Vancouver Natural History Society (Nature Vancouver) and attended hundreds of field trips and evening seminars since 1994. He also participated in many Metro Vancouver Regional Park educational programs and community architecture heritage walks. He is interested in and studied ecology, botany, forestry, zoology, salmon, history, first nations and heritage.

He is an organizer of weekly healthy workshops and interpreter of nature walks , biweekly Vancouver community heritage walks and monthly eco-tours in Mandarin for the Taiwanese and Chinese communities since 1999. He organizes over 30 varieties of two to three days’ eco-tours to Lower Mainland and BC Interior, Vancouver Island, and Washington State since 1993.

He was board directors of Taiwanese Canadian Health Professional Association, Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society, New Life Stem Cell Society, Vancouver Natural History Society, Pacific Spirit Park Society.

He was committee members of B.C. Chinese Canadian Committee on National Unity, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Forum, EcoAction Funding Community of Environment Canada.

He actively participated in Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival since 2006, as the Chair of Sakura Team since 2007, selected all favorite locations for community viewing map, and helped publishing the booklet “Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver”.

He participated actively in many community planning in City of Vancouver. He also received interviews as a commentator from newspapers, radio and TV programs on conservation issues and city planning.

He is the few environmental columnist of several major Chinese newspapers. He was a co-host of FM 96.1 Chinese Radio program on environment education every Tuesday night. Fairchild TV weekly program on regional Parks & Vancouver Heritage in Mandarin

He is the webmaster of Green Culture Web. His Chinese Green Culture Digest is sent to over 2,000 Green Club members and friends every week and the monthly English Metro Vancouver Green Culture Event News is well received by over 2,000 naturalists and groups.

1954,  Joseph Lin was Born in Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan
1993~ present  Resident of Vancouver City , British Columbia

1979,  Bachelor of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Medical Professional Experience
1983~1993,  Family doctor and pediatrician in own Hsin-Chu clinic, Taiwan

2018, Naturalist Mentor of Distinction Award of BC Nature
2017, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Champion in 50 Anniversary

2016, Metro Vancouver Parks Community Appreciation Award
2008, The Land Conservancy BC Conservation Award

2008, Vancouver Parks Board Volunteer Award
2008, Vancouver Natural History Society Conservation Award
2001, Federal Environment Volunteer Award for International Year of Volunteers
2000, Kay Beamish Award for Nature Education of Vancouver Natural History Society
1999, Richmond Mayor’s Environmental Achievement Award
1994, Outstanding Volunteer Award of Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society

Community Services:
2014~ present, Volunteer Guide of VanDusen Garden in Vancouver
2006~present, Chief cherry scout of Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
2000~ present, Webmaster of Green Culture Website
1999~ present, Publisher of Green Culture Daily E-News
1999~ present, Founding President of Green Club
1994~present,  Member of Vancouver Natural History Society

2000~2005, Public Advisory Committee of EcoAction ofEnvironment Canada
1999~2010, Member at large of Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Forum
1999~ 2003, Board Director of Pacific Spirit Park Society
1999~ 2004, Board Director of Vancouver Natural History Society
1998,              Committee of B.C. Chinese Canadian Committee on National Unity
1996~2016, Board Director and Secretary of New Life Stem Cell Society
1995~1998, Executive Director of Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society
1994~2000, Member of Wild Bird Trust British Columbia
1994~1998, Founder of Green Club under Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society
1994~1996, Member of British Columbia Waterfowl Society
1994~1995, Board and General Secretary of Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society
1993~1998, Family member of Science World
1993~1994, Board Director of Taiwanese Canadian Health Professional Association
1992~1993, Founding President of Taiwan Medical Professionals Alliance of Hsin-Chu
1976~1977, Chairperson of Medical Student Association of National Taiwan University

Environmental Protection and Education Experience:
2002~present, Guide of weekly Heritage Walk in Vancouver and Metro Vancouver
1996~present, Organizer of weekly Environmental and Healthy Living seminars
1994~present, Organizer and guide of the eco-tour on BC Rivers Day
1994~present, Organizer and guide of weekly nature walks
1993~present, Organizer and guide of around 12 eco-tours every year

2006~2009,  Fairchild TV weekly program on regional parks & heritage in Mandarin
2003~2007, FM 96.1 Fairchild Radio weekly program on nature walks and eco-tours
2001,               Eco-tourism columnist for weekly Chinese Sing Tao Sunday Magazine
1999,               Eco-tourism columnist for weekly Chinese Ming Pao Daily News
1999~2015, Eco-tourism columnist for World Journal Daily News every other day
1998~2009, Eco-tourism columnist for seasonal Visitors Only Handbook
1998,             Guide monthly nature walk for Vancouver Roundhouse Community Centre
1995~2006, Coordinator of exhibition and guide of nature walks on Fraser River Festival
1995,            Participant in wild bird survey for Burrard Inlet Environment Action Plan
1994~2009, Translator and guide of the nature walk on annual Coho Walk
1993~2015, Eco-tourism and conservation columnist for local major Chinese media
1989~1991, Chairperson of Environmental Protection Society of Hsin-Chu City(EPSHC) 
1987~1989, Life member and Information Section Director of EPSHC

For individual community group, summer camp, oversea delegation, Joseph can guide natural history & heritage walks in almost every parks and community in Metro Vancouver. He can also arrange tours to visit recycling depot, compost gardens and green buildings etc. 

Joseph Lin can organize over 30 different eco-tours to visit BC Coast, BC Interior, Vancouver Island, Washington and Oregon States for your group better with over 14 people. 

Joseph would like to voluntarily share my eco-tour experience and effort on environmental education with people. You can support these programs by attending his eco-tour and guided nature walks.

He can cooperate with you or your group for workshops, environmental interpretation, eco-tour planning or articles. It is appreciated if you or your group can provide honorarium.

You can contact Joseph Lin for website suggestion, articles(your experience), linkage, or advertisement. Monthly Nature Walk Theme ; Annual Green Culture Eco-tours

Contact information:
604-327-8693, [email protected]
185 West Woodstock Ave. Vancouver, B.C., V5Y 2R7 Canada

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