About Green Club

Fascinated by the rich biodiversity resources in British Columbia, combined with his passion for the natural environment, Dr. Joseph Lin started his first eco-tours in 1993. Through years of effort and over whelming responses from the public, he later found Green Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education.

With focus on biodiversity, sustainability and multiculturalism in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Green Club is registered in British Columbia (# S-40067, Canada Customs and Revenue # 86470-1529-RT0001) since 1999.

Green Club Introductory video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MBzygIH4uA

Green Club mainly consists of a group of environment-concerned Taiwanese and Chinese Canadians. We are dedicated to promote cross-cultural understanding of the unique ecosystems and cultures among Taiwan, Asia and Canada, and to educate the public about the importance of conservation and bio-diversity.

Green Club is one of the most active Canadian educational organizations in the field of environment and healthy living in the Metro Vancouver area. Through our year-round seminars and guided tours to various communities and regional parks, we advance healthy lifestyles; provide guidance to appreciate nature; present opportunities to learn how to decrease human disturbances and impacts; and encourage active participation in city planning and environmental protection.

In addition, we have organized conservation tours to address different environmental issues, such as watersheds, sewage plants, incinerator, recycling depots, compost garden, transfer station, Granville Island, Olympic Village, green buildings and city planning sites.

We also organize annual Cherry Blossom and Autumn eco-walks throughout Vancouver. Both events are one of the most beloved programs where we all join together to learn and appreciate the wonders of the natural world.