Green Club
A self-funded non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education on biodiversity and multiculturalism in the Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada since 1993. We registered in British Columbia (# S-40067, Canada Customs and Revenue # 86470-1529-RT0001) in 1999.

Green Club Introductory video:

We are a group of environment concerned Taiwanese and Chinese Canadian dedicated to promote cross-cultural understanding of the unique ecosystems and cultures among Taiwan, Asia and Canada, and to educate the public about the importance of conservation and bio-diversity.

Green Club is one of the most active Canadian educational organizations on environment and healthy life in the Metro Vancouver area.  We organize 1 ecotour programs, 7~9 guided natural walk programs, 4~6 heritage walks and cultural programs, and over 20 community healthy walks every month.

We advance a healthy way of living our daily life, provide guidance to appreciate the natural history, present opportunities to learn how to decrease human disturbances and impacts, and encourage active participation in city planning and environmental protection.

2016, Metro Vancouver Parks Community Appreciation Award
2017, Joseph Lin – Regional Parks Champions:

Green Club is accredited by United Nations to participate in World Summit on Ecotourism in Montreal (2002), World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg (2002), UN World Urban Forum in Vancouver (2006), Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012, and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (2005~now).

In 2014 for example, we held 9 eco-tours, 54 guided natural walks, 105 heritage walks and cultural programs and 361 community healthy walks with 5,556 participants. We have 376 active family members including 63 life members living all over the Metro Vancouver area (half of them in City of Vancouver). (As 2018/0531, we have 340 active family members including 78 life members)

Around 60 % family members came from Taiwan, 25% family members from China, and 15% family members from Hong Kong. Most of them came to  Metro Vancouver area in recent 15 years. Most of our participants are adults and some young students on weekends and during summer vocation.

Green Club is one of the active Metro Parks partners. Since 1999, more than 20 Green Club community healthy Walk leaders and interpreters helped thousands of families, especially new Taiwanese and Chinese Canadian, to learn more about our Metro Regional Parks. We have been all over Metro Vancouver from Crippen Parks in Bowen Island to Kanaka Creek in Maple Ridge, and from Campbell Valley to three watersheds.

We help people appreciate the beauty of the four seasons, learn the science of the nature, and apprehend the secret of the evolution. In spring, we learn about flowers, insects & warblers. In summer, we learn about forest, berries & marine life. In Fall, we learn about mushrooms, mammals, shorebirds & salmon. In Winter, we learn ferns, heritage & ducks.

We have organized conservation tours to address different environmental issues, such as three watersheds, two sewage plants, incinerator, three recycling depots, compost garden, transfer station, Granville Island, Olympic Village, green buildings and city planning sites.

We organize 10~14 eco-tours to visit BC Coast, BC Interior, Vancouver Island, Washington and Oregon States in US every years since 1993.

Board directors:
Joseph Lin (President), Thomas Chang (Vice President), Frank Lin (Treasurer), Chiho Yeung, Frank Pan

We have several dedicated teachers, including :
Joseph Lin –Natural Walk, Heritage Walk, Eco-tour
Hank Tseng –Birding Walk, Bird photography
Allan Tang –World Civilization, Pacific & Asian Affairs
James Liu –Fine Art appreciation
Gary Ku –House maintenance
Ace Hou–Literature & History
Sam Lin –Water resources and Environment issue
Leigh Pan, Jenny Chen –Music appreciation
Chi-ho Yeung –Photography appreciation, Graphic design
Ted Chang, Tony Chan –World photography tourism
Ricky Chao –Medicine and Health promotion
Thomas Chang –Power and energy smart
Anita Chen –Japanese culture
Chin-yi Haung –Agriculture and Horticulture

Contact information:
604-327-8693, [email protected]
185 West Woodstock Ave. Vancouver, B.C., V5Y 2R7 Canada