Pacific Spirit Park 
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Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Hop on a bus and head for the outdoors. Or walk, jog or cycle to the park and incorporate your travel time into your workout. Create your own route from over 50 kilometres of forested walking, cycling and horseback riding trails. Hike from Marine Drive down to rock and cobble beaches where clothing is optional. Sunbathe among sun-bleached driftwood.

Forest and Foreshore
Pacific Spirit Regional Park comprises 763 hectares of forest and foreshore immediately west of Vancouver. The park's forests stretch across Point Grey separating the city from the University of British Columbia. Its thin foreshore wraps around the tip of the peninsula and touches the Fraser River, the Strait of Georgia and Burrard Inlet. The park's closeness to both the university and the city entices visitors to reach it by foot, bus or bike.

Beaches, Marshes, and Forest
From estuary marshes, rock and cobble beaches, wooded ravines, upland forests and ancient bog - take your pick! Hike along rugged shores next to the ocean. Wander barefoot on shining tidal flats or sunbathe among scattered driftwood to the sound of lapping waves. Spot eagles perched majestically in gnarled, grey snags; their sharp eyes scanning the Fraser River, Howe Sound and English Bay. Climb steep trails past narrow ravines onto the forested plateau where most trails are suitable for hikers, cyclists and horseback riders. Tall cedar, hemlock and Douglas-fir are mixed with bright patches of bitter cherry, red alder and maple. The seasons highlight lush evergreens, brilliant colours or frosty branches.

Gateway Ground
The park was established and named in 1989. The name was chosen through a competition in which the selected entry described the park as "the gateway to the Pacific and a spiritual ground to becoming one with nature." Pacific Spirit provides the perfect place to actively explore and appreciate the diversity and beauty of the forests and foreshore at the city's edge.

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Important Birding Areas (IBA)

Nature Walks in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver
organized by Joseph Lin

Clinton Trail Loop-South Musqueam
Meeting place: Park info kiosk at West end of 33Ave., Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise): Sasamat(22)-St. George(19)-Camosun St.-Salish(21)-Clinton(3)
Ecosystem: Old Deciduous Forest (cut, burned 1910) 
Special plants: Bigleaf Maple Forest, Cascara Woods(road 1930); Bigleaf Maple (73 yrs), Red Alder (73 yrs), Spiny Wood Fern
Special animals: Chickadee, Coho & Chum
Season: January/ Mid-Winter

Wreck Beach Trail Loop at West Shore
Meeting place: Welcome totem pole at Museum of Anthropology
Trails (Clockwise): Walk along Marine Drive, Trail # 6 downstair, Wreck Beach, Beach at Point Grey, Tower Beach, upstair at Trail #4
Ecosystem: Cliff & Rocky Beach 
Special plants: Big leaved Maple, Salmonberry, Oregon-grape, Sword Fern
Special animals: Sea Birds, fishes
Season: February/Late Winter

Hemlock Loop-Middle Musqueam
Meeting place: Park info kiosk at West end of 33Ave., Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise): Sasamat(22)- Clinton(3)-Salish(21)- Imperial(12)-Hemlock(9)
Ecosystem: logged in 1890, Douglas Fir-Salal, Hemlock, Cedar-Holly Woods, Old Cedar Forest
Special plants: Cedar (97 yrs), Red Cedar(117 yrs), Hemlock (134 yrs), Sitka Spruce
Special animals: Townsend Vole, Deer-mouse, Salamander, Wren, Kinglet
Season: March/Early Spring

West Canyon Trail Loop
Meeting place: Acadia Beach info kiosk, west end of Spanish Banks, on NW Marine Drive
Trails (Clockwise) : Admiralty(1)-West Canyon(27)-Chancellor(29)-Salish(21)
Ecosystem : Young Alder Forest (cleared 1951); Alder- Salmonberry, Bitter Cherry-W-Blackberry
Special plants: Bigleaf Maple, Bleeding Heart, Salmonberry, BC-Willow-T.Blackberry
Animals : Hummingbird, BC Chickadee, Warblers (in May)
Season: April/Mid-Spring

Imperial Trail Loop-North Musqueam
Meeting place: Imperial info kiosk at Discovery Street & 29 Ave., Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise) : Imperial(12)-Sasamat(22)-Hemlock(9)-Council(4)
Ecosystem : Old Deciduous Forest (selective log 1930), (4)Bigleaf Maple Forest, (6)Vine Maple-Elderberry, (5)Cascara Woods (road 1930)
Special plants: Salmonberry, Bigleaf Maple (73 yrs), Alder-Skunk Cabbage, Cascara-Mountain Ash
Special animals: Hummingbird, Warblers(May), Herons, BC Chickadee
Season: May/Late Spring

Camosun Bog Trail Loop
Meeting place: Park info kiosk at Camosun Street & 19 Ave., Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise): Camosun(34)-Queen Elizabeth School-Top(25)
Ecosystem: Camosun Bog
Special plants: Crabapple, Labrador Tea, Hemlock, Salmonberry, Mixed, Shore Pine-Birch, Sundew, Salal-Cascara
Special animals: Newt, Toad, Tree Frog
Season: June/Early Summer

East Canyon Trail Loop
Meeting Place: Spanish Bank info kiosk, east of Spanish Banks, on NW Marine Drive
Trails (Clockwise): Spanish(23)-Chancellor(29)-Pioneer(17)-Admiralty(1), Plains of Abraham, East Canyon
Ecosystem: Old Deciduous Forest (cut & burned in 1910): Vine Maple-Elderberry, Western Hemlock, Bitter Cherry-W-Blackberry, Hardhack-Salmonberry*
Special plants: Coltsfoot, Vine Maple, Hardhack-Salmonberry, Fireweed 
Special animals: Chickadee, Warblers (in May)
Season: July/ Mid-Summer

Sasamat Trail Loop
Meeting place: Park Centre or trailhead of Sasamat Trail on south side of 16 Ave at Sasamat Street, Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise) : 16Ave.-Top(25)- Sasamat(22)-Deer Fern(5)-Cleveland(2)
Ecosystem: Young coniferous forest (cut & burned in 1910): Western Hemlock-Aspen Grove, Douglas Fir-Salal, Cascara Woods (road 1930)
Special plants: Trembling Aspen
Special animals: Douglas Squirrel, Oregon Vole, Warblers (in May)
Season: August/ Late Summer

Lily of the Valley Trail Loop
Meeting place: Park Centre or trailhead of Cleveland Trail on north side of 16 Ave., Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise): Cleveland(2)-Lily of the Valley(13)-Newt(16)-Salal(20)-Heron(10)
Ecosystem: (cut & burned in 1910): Vine Maple-Elderberry, Douglas Fir-Salal
Special plants: Vine Maple, Red Elderberry
Special animals: D. Squirrel, Oregon Vole
Season: September/ Early Fall

Salish Trail Loop
Meeting place: Park Centre or trailhead of Salish Trail on south side of 16 Ave., Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise): Cleveland(2)-Nature(15)- Hemlock(9)-Salish(21)
Ecosystem: (cut & burned in 1910): Douglas Fir-Salal, Cedar-Holly Woods, Pure Douglas Fir-Bracken Fern
Special plants: Mushroom
Special animals: Douglas Squirrel, Oregon Vole, Wren, Kinglet
Season: October/ Mid-Fall

Fraser River Estuary Loop at South Shore
Meeting place: Simon Fraser historic monument at SW Marine Driver, Vancouver
Trails (Clockwise): Down to north arm of Fraser River, along shoreline, upstairs on Trail #7, old Marine Drive
Ecosystem: Blackish water marsh, cliff
Special plants: Cattail
Special animals: Sea birds, C. Garter Snake, Red-winged Blackbirds
Season: November/ Late Fall 

Acadia Beach Loop at North Shore
Meeting place: Acadia Beach info kiosk, west end of Spanish Banks, on NW Marine Drive
Trails (Clockwise): Walk along NW Marine Drive, Trail # 3 downstair, along shoreline back to Acadia Beach. Check the low tide timing
Ecosystem: Rocky beach to sandy Beach 
Special plants: Blackberry, salmonberry to sea weeds
Special animals: Sea birds, W. Garter Snake
Season: December/ Early Winter

溫哥華市太平洋精神公園(Pacific Spirit Park)

太平洋精神公園(Pacific Spirit Park)位在溫哥華市西邊,涵蓋七百六十三公頃的森林與海岸。奇森林橫跨灰點區,分開都市與卑詩大學。其海岸地 區圍繞著半島的頂端,與菲沙河、喬治亞海峽、布拉德內海相接。太平洋精神公園成立於一九八九年,其名稱公開召選而得,意指『通往太平 洋之路,與大自然結合的精神地』。該公園擁有多種生態多樣性,包括十六街以南的針葉林地、東側亞馬遜溼地、南側溪口溼地、西側海岸以及十六街以北的闊葉林地。

您可以沿溫哥華市4th Ave.西行,接N. W. Marine Dr.,過住宅區與海邊最後販賣店。在公園北邊告示牌Spanish步道,進入十六街以北的闊葉林地。

至於十六街以南的針葉林地,您可以沿溫哥華市16 Ave.西行,過住宅區,在與Sasamat St. 交口對面公園告示牌Sasamat步道進入。

當您沿溫哥華市S.W. Marine Dr.西行,過住宅區,在 Camosun St.北行,接29Ave.往西北,至Imperial交叉口停車,由公園告示牌進入Imperial步道 。春季正是各種草莓如鮭莓開花的季節,您將有機會看到蜂鳥前來吸食鮮紅鮭莓的花蜜。許多聞香而來的昆蟲也成為過境林鶯(Warbler)野鳥的 美食,您可以聽到鳥兒在歌唱。這也正是大藍鷺築巢孵育小鳥的好季節,為了為孩子找尋食物,鷺鷥爸媽整天忙著覓食,飛出飛入,希望您不要去騷擾它們。